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I recently passed my CISSP exam. As a lot of people will tell you it is a hard exam. A few people have shared their tips on preparing for the exam. As everyone is different, I wanted to share mine.

I first did the QA CISSP course. This was really helpful as a foundation. I struggle with boot camp style learning so this course suited me.

I did the SSCP previously but this exam is very different.

I found the official study guide really useful and started by reading the first 20 pages before the QA course. This gave me a feel for what to expect. The apps were also really handy. I tried the official app however I was not that impressed. Learnzapp was far better and allowed you to track your progress. A friend tried the android version and said it was good. It was also cheaper than the iOS one.

As I progressed I used the Sybex CISSP book. This was also the most useful. I found it more helpful than the official study guide. Sybex also have a great online test portal, which you can access here. You will have needed to purchased the book though. You also get a free digital copy of the book if you bought a printed copy. I found the printed copy best as it’s such a large book.

Once I was confident in the material I found the 11 hour CISSP book invaluable. I used this as my finishing book.

I recommend booking the exam after a bank holiday if possible as it gives you an extra day to prepare. There are times where you want to throw the book out the window! Persevere, you will get through it and when you pass its the best feeling in the world.

My overall tip is to make use of a wide range of resources to ensure you have a full understanding of the material. Prep like a boss.


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