How to use this guide

This guide is here to share some of the eco swaps I have used to reduce our waste. All products featured are ones that I have personally tried. Unless stated these links are referral free. You are getting an honest opinion.

Eco Swaps

Eco Warriors Shave Balm - A plastic free shaving bar that lathers well and reduces waste.

Mint Body Scrub From Upcircle. You can even get refills by post, plus when refilling you get a discount. You can use my referral code for an extra discount if its your first time.

Face Moisturiser Also from UpCircle. Again my referral code can be used. Keeps skin refreshed.

Posh Chocolate Body Wash from Lush. I love chocolate, its just a nice experience.

Bulldog Razor. I consider this reduced waste shaving. Its as environmentally friendly as I can manage. I have tried others like the Leaf and Upcircle razor but my skin is just too sensitive. It’s better than nothing. You can also get the blades and they have a glass version. I use the bamboo one. I tend to buy from Boots or Amazon depending on cost.