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When working with Windows 2000 you may notice that you can’t install the thinprint drivers and you get an error saying “RUNDLL Error loading tpvmmon.dll the specified procedure cannot be not found” or:

Printer User Interface Printer rundll command failed. 

Command: /ia /f "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMWare\Drivers\Virtual Printer\TPOG3\OEMPRINT.INF" /r "TPVM:" /m "TP Output Gateway" /h "Intel" /v "Windows 2000"". 

Here is a fix. I have tested this on VMWARE fusion although it should work in VMware player and workstation if you end the files in Windows and use the correct link. The trick is to roll back the vmware tools to the last version that works.

I have provided official VMWARE links below:

Vmware Fusion (tested on 8.5.1) - https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/7.1.3/3204469/packages/com.vmware.fusion.tools.windows.zip.tar

Vmware Player & workstation - https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/7.1.3/3204469/packages/com.vmware.fusion.tools.windows.zip.tar

Before we being we are going to shut the virtual machine down. Open up the folder where the virtual machine is stored. Right click the Virtual Machine and click “Show package contents”

Show package

Within this folder will be a file called <machine name>.vmx - right click this file and edit it with a text editor. I used BBEdit in this example.

machine file

Change it to:

tools.upgrade.policy = "manual"

Extract the tar file by double clicking it.

Go into the folder and mount windows.iso into the virtual machine:
mount iso

The thinprint and other drivers will install (press yes if you are prompted to install the print drivers as below):

After a reboot the printer will be visible (you may have to wait a few seconds for the driver to fully load).



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