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I have been really surprised lately how low IPv6 take up has been. I have found that if you have IPv6 support already on your server it is surprisingly easy. Many vendors like Linode and Digital Ocean support IPv6 straight out of the box. Turn support on and in the case of Digital Ocean they will update your interfaces file automatically. With web servers such as nginx add this line to the server block for each site you want to enable support for:

listen [::]:8080;

Then issue the following commands:

sudo service nginx configtest

if it says ok enter below, if it says fail check your changes

sudo service nginx restart

Make sure you use nameservers that support IPv6. Again if you use Digital Ocean or Linode then you can simply use their DNS service which is free as long as you have at least one virtual machine with them.

Hopefully this guide will inspire you to try IPv6 although as the graph of Europe shows, there is a long way to go!

Graph of IPv6 adoption in Europe


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