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Linode’s Longview service gives you a great insight into how well your server is running. The standard automatic install fails when trying to set Nginx monitoring up if you have Varnish or something else listening on port 80. Thankfully there is a simple fix.

When prompted choose no to the automated setup.

Add the following to your Nginx site configuration:

server {
location /nginx_status {
    stub_status on;
    deny all;

The above code will open a nginx status page (which Longview users to get its information) on port 8090 which only listens on the loop back address.

To finish simply configure longview to use the correct URL using the file below:

nano /etc/linode/longview.d/Nginx.conf

The file should look like this:

Lastly restart longview:

service longview restart

If it works you should see data begin to be gathered and displayed like below:

Linode finished


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