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I got an Apple Wallet for Christmas. Overall i’m really happy with it. Reading about the wallet online I noticed a pattern that there are a number of issues mentioned, including:

  • It falls off the case.
  • The cards are hard to get out.
  • It takes two cards not three.
  • You can only hold three cards.

Personally I have not seen these issues. Although there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. I suspect there is a common mistake of inserting the cards in the wallet with the card numbers facing outwards, instead of facing to the inside of the case. If you look carefully at the instruction card that came with the wallet you can see the mag stripe points outwards.


This makes sense as the card numbers allows your thumb to grip the numbers and push out. One of my cards has no embossed etching on and this makes a difference.

If I used this as the card to grip it made it harder to get the card out. I was able to get three cards in but one has no embossed numbers on, it would definitely depend how thick the cards are.

I have noticed that the magnets hold the wallet on significantly better using an Apple Magsafe case compared to a standard case. I suspect this is because a magsafe case has an extra magnetic layer. I don’t have a non genuine magsafe case to compare with but I suspect you would see the same results as its simply a magnetic coil.

Regarding the wallet falling off, so far I have not found this. I usually wear straight cut jeans (Levi 514’s) to help give an idea. If you use a lot of cards, this wallet is not for you. If I need more than three cards I will change wallets.

I hope this brief review helps with deciding if a magsafe wallet from Apple is right for you.


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