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Netlify has several options for the apex DNS record of a domain. The apex of the domain is the domain itself. For example howson.me is the apex of this site. www.howson.me would be a subdomain. Many guides talk about the apex record and moving name servers but sometimes you may not want to do this. To get round this problem an ALIAS or ANAME record can be used. An ALIAS or ANAME record is a relatively new DNS record type that removes the limitation of CNAME records. CNAME records can’t be used at the APEX. ANAME records also removes the limitations on subdomains which used CNAME records, mainly that they can’t use Mail Exchange (MX).

Not all providers support ALIAS but many of those popular with developers like NameCheap and Gandi do. To get started add the domain and click on the “Check DNS Config exclamation” as shown below:

Netlify DNS Warning

A screen will appear with a record that can be created as an ALIAS record:

Apex Netlify

Copy the record and go to your NameCheap Control Panel. Simply create the ALIAS record.


It really is that simple.

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