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I was given an old Packard Bell EasyNote laptop by a family member they wanted recycling. On closer inspection while over 9 years old and on Windows 7 the machine ran fairly well. Reusing some old RAM to uplift it to 4GB and a Windows 10 Pro license I had spare I was able to to turn it into low powered spare laptop.

Unfortunately I realised I forgot to upgrade the recovery partition before uplifting to Windows 10. I was able to get the software from a friend and wanted to link to provide a backup: Click here to download the Recovery Manager

Remember this software will only work if:

  • You have a PackardBell Laptop such as the Butterfly
  • You recovery partition is in tact - Even if you “kept nothing” during the Windows 10 Upgrade it should be intact.

This software won’t work if:

  • Your hard drive has already failed and you don’t have a recovery partition anymore
  • You modified the partitions during a fresh cold boot Windows 10 install

Once you have the software running you should make your backup media

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