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Setting G Suite Relay up in Ghost

less than 1 minute read

Setting up a Google WorkSpaces (formally GSuite and prior to that Google Apps) is easy in Ghost. Simply configure G Suite to allow the IP address of the serv...

Lets encrypt change e-mail

less than 1 minute read

A quick tip, if you need to change your Lets encrypt e-mail you can do it with certbot using the following command:

Setting up Sophos Antivirus for Linux

1 minute read

Most people use ClamAV for their server anti virus, some still question the need to have antivirus on their servers. On that point, its true there is very fe...

Protecting your domain

less than 1 minute read

A lot of people own a domain either for business or personal use. Few people stop to consider the security of their domain. When you think about it though if...