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Fixing Ghost / Nginx Redirect Loops

less than 1 minute read

In Ghost (0.7.4) if you try to deliver your whole website over TLS (a.k.a SSL) you often get a redirect loop as below:

Setting up Ghost with Gandi Simple Hosting

2 minute read

The Gandi guides on using NodeJS and MySQL seem to be outdated and it fails on Gandi simple hosting without some tweaking. Here is a simple guide on how to d...

Yubikey with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

2 minute read

I have recently got a Yubikey. A yubikey is a security token. A yubikey is a security token. There are two variations. One is a simple U2F (universal second ...

Changing a Primary Domain in Google Apps

1 minute read

Until fairly recently it was impossible to change your domain with Google Apps for work (formally known as Google Apps for business). Its clunky but its now ...

MySQL Root Password reset

less than 1 minute read

There are loads of ways to reset a forgotten MySQL root password. Here is my favourite method.

OS X - Mail accounts that won’t delete

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes there are mail accounts OS X’s mail app that won’t delete. This is usually you have multiple accounts with the same provider. In reality its simply...