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I have been virtualising an application that only runs on Windows 2000. I hit a number of problems including missing files when I try to install VMware Tools. I tried the VMware KB article but found the links were dead due to Microsoft ending support over 4 years ago. Thankfully I managed to get hold of Windows 2000 SP4 and the KB835732. I have provided individual downloads below as well as created a premade ISO which can be loaded into the VM. This is handy if you; like myself you don’t allow any network or file access to keep the unsupported platform segregated.

Download Links:

Download Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 Standalone Installer

Download KB835732 Update Standalone Installer

Prebuilt ISO image containing the files above

Download Links (German Lanuage)

Download KB835732 Update Standalone Installer - Thanks to Regensburg University


I first realised I had a issue when I tried to install and got the following error:

Screen shot showing it was unable to upgrade the installer

I managed to dig out a copy of SP4 so first installed it as below. See links at the top for a copy.

Install of SP4 setup Wizard
After trying that I then discovered KB835732, which relates to security vulnerability MS04-011 was stopping the installation.
Missing install of KB835732 shot
I simply installed this update (again link included at the top) and then rebooted.
Shot showing KB installed
Finally I could install VMware Tools.
Shot showing VMware install starting

Once I had completed the installation the drivers kicked in and the OS was in true colour.
Shot showing Vmware finished and in true colour



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